The Quantum Legacy universe will include two titles. The first, "Quantum Legacy: Initial Tactics" is now available from the downloads section of this site.

The latest release includes a complex single player story and a deathmatch multiplayer options. In addition to being a true 3D, cross-platform RTS experience playable within any browser, the game also includes a unique "multi-sector" style of gameplay.

This innovative feature allows a player to control events in multiple sectors, with changes occuring in one location directly affecting the other. If you are not sure what we mean and want to experience what could be the next breakthrough in the real-time strategy genre, try the latest QL release via the "Play Now" section of the website.


The single player mode is designed to give new users a better understanding of the game, as well as to tell the complex story behind the Quantum Legacy universe.

The player takes on the role of the field commander, whose actions and decisions shape both the future and the past of the second planet in the Saltus solar system.

The main character in the saga is your commading officer Col. Seth Blair. All major events in the history of the planet revolve around him in some way. You will witness his tragic life and understand your purpose in the history of this world; a history that you will create, destroy, and re-write time and time again


The second title (Quantum Legacy: Price of Justice) will feature an even longer single player mode, more advanced multiplayer options and the ability to support Modifications and Total Conversions. The game will also feature breakthrough gameplay elements such as "multi-sector" and "multi-time". These feature allows a player to control events in multiple time periods, with changes occuring in the 'past' directly affecting the 'future' states of the level.


In the tradition of standard Real-time Strategy Games, users will be able to challenge other human opponents via the Internet, in various multiplayer modes. These include, but are not limited to, Death-match, Team Death-match, and Co-op vs. AI units. Up to 8 opponents can choose to battle for control of 1-2 sectors on the surface of the planet.

As an added twist to the strategy, most of these modes can also be played simultaneously across multiple time periods , creating a unique Real-time Strategy experience never befor seen in any other game of this genre.


Using the brand new "Gen2" 3D engines, the game was designed to be played in a cross platform environment, supporting most operating systems and standard browsers. If the browser mode is chosen, no installation is required as the game auto-configures itself for your computer and streams all needed content automatically to your system.

In addition, the data driven engine features a very powerful scripting and modification system. Players will be able to create their own graphics, sounds and 3D models, and then distribute them freely to other Quantum Legacy users.


Aside from the "official campaigns" and "addons" which will be released on regular basis, each registered user will be able to create their own game modifications. A custom scripting language and in-game level editor will allow anyone to create their own maps and scenarios.

Players will also be able to modify even more content by creating their own sounds and terrain textires to be distributed to others. All content will have to be hosted on a public web server. Since most ISP's today provide 10-20 megabytes of web space to their customers, almost any designer will be able to take advantage of this feature.



If even more creative changes are desired, users will be able to build their own models and "texture packets" to modify almost any aspect of the game.

New model creation can be done using software such as 3D Studio Max and Maya (a number of other software packages will be supported as well). Once a model is created (this can be a new unit, object, mesh or decal) properties may be assigned to it with the same scripting language commands used throughout the game.


For example, giving a name similar to "M02 M01 Y ALL 20" will tell the engine that the selected mesh will act as a turret for this unit. Similarly, other properties may be assigned just by changing the name of the mesh. This, in addition to new database entries, will allow the user to change all other properties of the new model or unit they have created.

Very few restrictions are placed on your creative freedom. The model can have any number of polygons and use any size texture of your choice. All work will be imported and distributed to the end-user automatically.




If you have ever wanted to create your own RTS game, Quantum Legacy will provide you with this opportunity by distributing your game instantly to thousands of other players without requiring a knowledge of game programming or distribution.

For further information, see the "SDK" section of our website.